THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO RUGBY WORLD CUP is an essential guide to the pinnacle tournament of world rugby. This essential compilation is a collection of concise but detailed information explicitly about the Rugby World Cup. This comprehensive book details the history of the sport of rugby from its fragile beginnings through to the inception of the competition that was specifically designed to produce just one world champion, the Rugby World Cup.

The ‘Complete Guide to Rugby World Cup ’ lists every coach and every player from the past and present. The book reveals the tournament grounds and venues, from the most humble to the most magnificent. Search the results of each and every one of Rugby World Cup’s 281 matches, including all the pool matches, all the knock-out matches, and of course all the drama and spectacle of the semi-finals, and finals of each of the tournaments to date. Read the individual match statistics, the try scorers and kickers for every one of the Rugby World Cup matches contested to date. At the ground or at home, the ‘Complete Guide to Rugby World Cup' makes for essential reading on your iPhone, iPad or Mac device.

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The Complete Guide to Rugby World Cup

By Pegasus Publishing

$9.99 (AUD) eBook format only

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THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO RUGBY WORLD CUP which was developed by Dr Tracy Rockwell, is sold under the Pegasus Publishing imprint and is currently being prepared in Softcover format.

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Published:     19th Sep 2015

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