PLAY WATER POLO is an essential interactive learning guide for players, parents, teachers and coaches and builds upon the accumulated knowledge of top water polo athletes and coaches over many generations. This one stop practical resource provides one touch text & video instruction for a dynamic, player-centred and fun water polo learning experience. The book guides players to learn the game by mastering over 100 skill, tips & tricks at their own pace and ability level.

‘Play Water Polo’ utilises the enhanced capabilities of new interactive technology to both broaden and strengthen the learning of water polo skills, merging the delivery of textual information, video and other interactive learning methods.

The contents of PLAY WATER POLO includes: about the game; swimming skills; ball handling skills; passing & catching skills; keeping possession; defensive skills; offensive skills; shooting skills; goalkeeping skills; and water polo tips & tricks. This book features over 100 practical skills, detailed instructions and individual videos for different levels of competence, helping to speed up development of the game.

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PLAY WATER POLO which was developed by Dr Tracy Rockwell, is sold under the Pegasus Publishing imprint and is currently being prepared in Softcover, and as a version in Spanish.

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Title:              Play Water Polo

Sub-Title:      Interactive Instructional Sports Guide

Author:          Pegasus Publishing

ISBN:            978-0-9942014-0-9

RRP:             $19.99AUD (eBook)

Publisher:     Linkage Inc. Ltd.

Imprint:         Pegasus Publishing

Published:    1st June 2015

Dimensions: eBook

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Format:        eBook 

Pages:         100pp.

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Play Water Polo

By Pegasus Publishing

$19.99 (AUD) eBook format only