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Joseph Anaman has worked in numerous professions and developed a great deal of what might be called 'life experience'. However, as a writer he has developed an enthralling and entertaining style that will make readers chuckle, gasp, laugh out loud and draw a tear... a compelling writer with a thoroughly unique approach to life.


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Title:              The Unknown Journey

Sub-Title:      Surviving Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Author:          Joseph Anaman

ISBN:            978-0-9942014-9-2

RRP:             $12.99AUD

Publisher:     Linkage Inc. Ltd.

Imprint:         Pegasus Publishing

Published:    1st August 2016

Dimensions: 203mm x 133mm

Printed:        IngramSpark, Victoria        

Format:        Softcover & eBook 

Pages:         136pp.

The Unknown Journey

By Joseph Anaman

$12.99 (AUD) Softcover format & $6.99 (AUD) eBook format.


In this truly inspirational story and after fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma for over two years, Joseph Anaman relates how his body was overwhelmed by malignant cells and gradually began to shut down. He recounts his battle, first throughout a cycle of illness and recovery with radiotherapy. Then, fighting all the while against the disease and chemotherapy, he describes the desperate struggle when he is plunged once again into a devastating relapse. In this book, Joseph describes in detail how he drew upon his strong faith in God and his own strength of character to fight off multiple attacks of a very rare form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Joseph's writing style presents the reader with a unique outlook on life as he describes in entertaining detail his childhood, youth, emigration to Australia and daily work life. Joseph turned his life around and used the power of positivity to defeat the scourge of cancer. This factual and gripping account of Joseph's struggle to survive against all odds, is an inspirational story for all readers.

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